Relationship Chart – Lovers Chart – Session with Amanda Hall


Relationship-chart-lovers-chart always wanted to know more about your love interest? Will we be good together? Understand your relationship better now.



Relationship Chart – Lovers Chart

Always wanted to know more about your love interest?

Will we be good together ?

Now Astrology can answer these questions and so much more Relationship Chart – Lovers Chart



Understand your relationship better now

 Phone/Skype Session with Amanda Hall



Relationship Chart – Lovers Chart


What Can Astrology do for Us

  • I will share with you the tools you need to improve this love affair.
  • Help you understand each other’s needs

    Lovers relationship
  • Help you implement your new skills
  • This will help bring improvements into the relationship
  • Improve your communication
  • By listening to each other more
  • The having more open and honest conversations
  • Share with your why this relationship is meant to be
  • Help your to heal the issues that have plagued this relationship
  • Find new ways of problem solving
  • Create mote loving and open conversations
  • Create loving and happy space
  • Watch  your relationship grow



A good relationship is like a garden.

We need to plant the seeds

Then we water and feed it

Then we wait for the shoots of new life

We tend to it and nurture it

Watch it grow with love an anticipation.

We love to see the growth every week.

We continue to nurture, feed and water

Then we see the fruits of our love and attention to the garden

Well your relationship will grown and develop when  you feed and nurture

Then we have the most amazing relationship we van both enjoy and grow in


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    My love life is now back on track thank to Amanda and her straight forward approach to love and understanding each others needs. A big thank you seems not enough. But I do mean it from my heart xx

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