Children’s Astrology Chart E Booklet

children’s-astrology-chart-e-booklet – computer generated. The potential rule book or information guide for parents to bringing up their child.


Why are my children Aileen to me ?


     Children Astrology Chart

In my extensive career in Astrology one of the biggest asked questions is

Why are my children different to me?

How come I feel like I gave birth to an Aileen?

Children should come with a book of instructions.



Astrology maybe able to answer some of these mysteries !


Well now you  maybe we can shed some light on your children.

So you can feel as if you have some understanding of their behavior.

This may just answer what makes your perfect angel turn into a little devil some times.


What can Astrology Share with me ?



Packed with plenty of information about your child’s interests, personality.

Let me share with you how they will develop and grow in life

Also some sneak peeks at possible career path.

Maybe by understanding your child better will help you guide them easier.

then they can reach their full potential in life.

Plus help them understand their own unpredictable emotions as they surface.  



Potential Plus!

Yes we were all little people once.


Yes we grew up into big people.

Lets imagine if you had a book to guide and help you understand your self when growing up.

How much easier would have you childhood have been?

Well lets give your children this opportunity to understand themselves better.

You both might even survive the teenage years without too much fuss and bother. 

Knowledge is power and now you will have tools to create the best learning environment possible   


The best book you have read  for ages approx 40 pages E Booklet.


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    Now little johnny is not such an alien thanks to your chart, many thanks Amanda I will keep reading… happy mum Byron Bay xx

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