Venus Conjunct North Node In Leo +Protection Workshop

Venus Conjunct North Node in Leo +Protection Workshop


Venus-conjunct-north-node-in-Leo-protection-workshop Venus in Leo well proud dramatic over the top. Protection is a must with all psychic work daily.

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Venus Conjunct North Node In Leo. Venus is the planet of love and affection and can show us how we should view love in our lives.

Love is a very ambiguous word or feeling as it means different things to different people.

Now  how do we determine Venus in Leo well proud dramatic over the top comes to mind anything where Leo is involved it has to be big and dramatic.

Love comes in a big package and some times with baggage too.

So be prepared for the the drama and theatrics of Leo here.

Venus love luxury, comfortable and beautiful surrounding so they can nurture love and build the relationship with their love interest or partner.


North Node

When Conjunct the North Node they will be trying to achieve great heights in the union and shouting it from

Page of cups

the roof tops.

For the whole world to hear and see how perfect this relationship is and how you should aspire to have one just like mine.

But of course it will never be quite as good as mine. As mine is perfect and I deserve this.

Now on to a more general interpretation for Venus Conjunct North Node.

We should be aspiring to bring more beauty and comfort into our lives, by music, arts.

Making our surroundings more opulent and dramatic and this will increase our pleasure in life and so hence will improve our mood and how we view the world.

A time when we don’t want to focus on the negatives of the world, we want life to be a party and everyone to be happy.

A nice thought if only life could be that way. Something to aspire to globally.


How does the North Node work in the chart?


Where we find the North Node in a chart is where we fine what we came on earth to aspire to this time on earth.

It can be seen as part of our Karma.

We all come down to earth with a number of lessons to complete and we all try to achieve this.

So sometimes the North Node is said to be a guiding light showing us the way forward to achieve in this life time.

What we aspire towards and feel drawn to achieve in this lifetime, not always easy but very rewarding when we do.

Saturn In Capricorn


With Saturn in Capricorn Wow I hear you say how does this planet get such air play all the time.

Well Saturn is known as the planet of discipline or the Father figure planet.

I have always been very respectful of this planet knowing full well his lessons are slow definite and usually final.

So Saturn in Capricorn is helping us work through the maze of issues surround the globe now.

From Global warming to Politics and everything in between Saturn is trying to bring some sense and structure.

To these and many more issues we face in our daily lives with a watchful eye on the future generations and what their needs and requirements will be.


How long is the cycle of Saturn


Saturn bring  structure to our lives even in the time of wild chaos and bring changes into the world because the masses will unite and demand changes.

So even though change can be slow it will be definite and bring much needed changes and structure we can all live by for the immediate future and beyond.

Make your voice be heard loud and clear in a definite way when the opportunities arise eg. voting in elections. Saturn in is Capricorn fro approximately 2 1/2 years only.


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Venus-conjunct-north-node-in-Leo-protection-workshop Venus in Leo well proud dramatic over the top. Protection is a must with all psychic work daily.


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Venus-conjunct-north-node-in-Leo-protection-workshop Venus in Leo well proud dramatic over the top. Protection is a must with all psychic work daily.


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