Good Luck +Workshop

Good Luck + Workshop

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Good Luck 

Good-luck-XLarge-Candle Good Luck we all want to attract into our lives today. 

Certainly we can have Good Luck in many areas of life today

And it is not always easy to create or attract 

Good Luck to us in our lives quickly.

Because we all feel we are unique and have different dreams we need to fulfill.

So we need to open mind and intentions to create new opportunities where our passion can flow freely and develop into directions for success and increase our good luck and new opportunities in our lives. 

This ability to create and generate good luck comes in many different way throughout our lives.

Sometimes it is fast and furious and other times it is slow and methodical.

They all need to be honored as part of our journey in life and always be on the look out for new ways to create new opportunities to bring good luck.

Passion is the flame ignites our fire or new beginning, the new direction or project to increase good luck and opportunity for us all .

They may seem to spark just a little bit to begin with then explodes into a roaring fire of passion and excitement as we explore new way to create wealth and money with the help of good luck and new opportunities now.

But remember we probably have to be patient and allow passion to be our guide to how much energy effort we put into making our dream a reality.

Because of increasing wealth and money through good luck and great planning and the ability to take a risk to make our dreams come true.


Good Luck + workshop. Good Luck is something we all want to attract now. Changing your thinking can change your good luck now in life and attract more now



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Glimpse around the universe

Glimpse around the Universe for this week on A1R Psychic Radio on Moonstruck TV




Uranus is the allowing us to break free of restrictions Now that Uranus has just moved in Taurus from 15th May 2018 to 26th April 2026

Personal perspective for all us Uranus-in-taurus With Uranus has just moved in Taurus from 15th May 2018 to 26th April 2026  

wow what a long transit I hear you say.

Well not exactly as slower moving or long range outer planets always move at a different ans slower pace than the faster moving more personal planets.

Well this is going to be a time of massive changes for all of us personally and globally.

Now we will look at how this is going to affect us globally.  


Bull’s In the Paddock energy.

  We will see a bit of power being tossed around like Bull’s in a paddock as they try to convince everyone else including them selves they are the most powerful person on the globe.

We ll we all know this is not true so it will be interesting to see them all play silly school children games as we try to get down to the serious issues of fixing the world and it problems.

After they settle down and put their ego’s to bed we will find some real progress on some of the biggest issues the world now faces.  

Progress Now 

There will be a slow down and really examine how to approach these issues and formulate some definite and progressive directions to move forward.

Not everyone will be on board at the beginning and will need time to absorb the information and come to the table to support and help move the thing forward in the name of the globe.

It will be an exciting time to be alive and watch history in the making.  



  Saturn-in-CapricornSaturn in Capricorn 

First of all I hear you say how does this planet get such air play all the time.

Furthermore  Saturn is known as the planet of discipline or the Father figure planet.

I have always been very respectful of this planet knowing full well his lessons are slow definite and usually final.

So Saturn in Capricorn is helping us work through the maze of issues surround the globe now.


World events

From Global warming to Politics and everything in between Saturn is trying to bring some sense and structure to these and many more issues we face in our daily lives with a watchful eye on the future generations and what their needs and requirements will be.

Saturn bring s structure to our lives even in the time of wild chaos and bring changes into the world because the masses will unite and demand changes.

So even though change can be slow it will be definite and bring much needed changes and structure we can all live by for the immediate future and beyond.

Make your voice be heard loud and clear in a definite way when the opportunities arise eg. voting in elections. Saturn in is Capricorn fro approximately 2 1/2 years only.




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Good Luck + workshop. Good Luck is something we all want to attract now. Changing your thinking can change your good luck now in life and attract more now


Soy Candle Of Week

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Famous Actor – Astrology

Katherine Hepburn



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