Retro – Simply Tarot Original Set with DVD

Retro -Simply-Tarot-Original-Set-with-DVD – teach your self Tarot with this step-by-step guide to reading Tarot with book DVD & tarot cards




Simply Tarot Set Original

RETRO – Simply Tarot Story 

First of all Simply Tarot was a life’s work of many years of reading and teaching over the years.

Always with the dream of one day maybe we could put the lessons on Video.

So then people would be able to learn quickly in the privacy of their own home.


Hinkler Books


Likewise dreams do come true and I was approached by a Australian Publisher looking to do a Tarot project.

So we started the journey of the tarot.

I wanted to use the Rider- Waite Tarot Deck for the project

but alas this was going to limit our market.

Then the idea to design our own was born.

We commenced with a modern deck for the 21st century  No one felt the tarot message was coming through

                     4 of Cups tarot card



So then light bulb moment take our photographic concept of the modern Tarot deck

And recreate the Rider-Waite tarot deck now the Simply Tarot is born.




RETRO Simply Tarot Original with Book Card & DVD

Simply Tarot Set with DVD
  • During my time teaching students over the years
  • It was always hard fro them to remember the meaning of the cards from their work book.
  • So I suggested we print the meaning on the bottom of the card.
  • This made teaching so easy for me and the students love it.
  • Reading the Tarot became easy and they were confident with ability quickly.
  • We chose to make a DVD for those people who find it easier to learn visually.
  • Our book is mirror of the dvd this makes it easy to reference when performing a reading

Simply-Tarot-Original-Set-with-DVD – teach your self Tarot with this step-by-step guide to reading Tarot with book DVD & tarot cards


Can I teach my self Tarot   

Tarot Reading


Yes we can also teach our selves Tarot

Yes it is very easy with our step-by-step-guide to learning Tarot with my tried and tested method



Simply Tarot or Secrets Of Tarot

Simply Tarot + Workshop

11 reviews for Retro – Simply Tarot – Original Set with DVD


    Was walking past the local bookshop and noticed your tarot pack-i bought it -I have read tarot in the past and loved your presentation and also the fantastic artwork of your cards take care
    Gregory Charet – Bankstown Australia


    Hello I am a tarot beginner and have bought your deck, “simply tarot”. warm regards, and thank you for introducing me tho the wonderful world of tarot – I’m hooked!Cheryl Lee Thornton City Bradford, United Kingdom Link to blog:



    This brand-new boxed set is complete with Tarot card set, book, and instructional DVD. Because the symbolism employed in the deck is universal, you will be able to use any other standard Tarot deck with equal skill. It is really a winner of a design.
    The book is a nice paper bound 8 1/2″ x 6″ full-colour instructional and reference manual. The spreads are shown, and each card is pictured and summarized. In addition, there is a protective plastic slot just inside the front cover for keeping your instructional DVD. This allows you to store the book and DVD easily and safely without taking up too much shelf space. I thought it was a really considerate and well-
    Amanda Hall Psychic-Account
    Amanda Hall Psychic

    thought-out feature. The DVD is clear and really well-presented. An Australian woman A highly experienced professional Tarot card reader. Explains the history of the Tarot, the card layouts, and the cards in the deck. She gave information that I had not previously read, in a very easy-to- assimilate manner. This is an excellent instructional DVD. I was not only pleasantly surprised at the high quality of the presentation, I was quite delighted with it. BRAND-NEW BOXED SET, OUTSTANDING INSTRUCTION AND BEAUTIFUL CARDS A LOVELY FULL-COLOUR INSTRUCTIONAL BOOK ALSO!!!! THIS IS AN UNCOMMONLY GOOD VALUE!!!! Cheers Louise Alan Jay -Earthen Herbals Canada

    http://www.earthenherbals.cawrites on Face Book Jan 2010 Your tarot deck is really pretty. ? xx


    Olga Stchebina Sassine A Face Book Friend –Hi Amanda,
    I have brought your tarots cards and all I can say is THANK YOU,
    I just love them and the cards just jump at me when i do them…
    So thank you again darls…Sending you love and light..


    Sophie Psychic Isis Rowe – A Face Book Friend
    Thank you for accepting my friendship! I have to say a huge thank you to you.

    Your cards helped me to become a professional reader.
    I have a massive soft spot for the cards.
    And the DVD that came with them helped too. I just can’t say a big enough thank you ? xxx You certainly can place my comment on the site. They have got a magic. Really lovely.I recommend them to others who are new to tarot also x Sophie 29th March 2010


    Hi Amanda!
    I’m glad that I found such a great set of Simply Tarot Card reading. With an informative book and cool tarot cards with great images. I am having fun doing the readings myself and it is very easy and simple for beginners like me. I can feel that the cards really have the connection with me. I will definitely practice more!

    Thank you and have a good day! ?
    Rochelle Ocanpo-Manilla Phillipines 21st July 2010


    Thank you for adding me. Really love Simply Tarot Bought a second book after the first book tattered from so much use. Many blessings to you!!Blessings back at you for teaching me Tarot through your book .Glad we are connection Facebook !!Elvia Martinez Montez 29th July 2010 San Antonio, TX


    I have enjoyed your tarots cards for years . My cards are 10 years old and cannot find them anywhere. Would love to purchase simply Tarot again please. My readings are my passion.Thank you so much i have been searching for your cards for a long time .regards Tania
    Tania -22nd January 2011


    Angela Galopoulos Sydney New South Wales Australia 2.6. 2011 I can’t wait to receive this tarot kit. I had an original one years ago, and its worn and torn. Truly amazing way to learn.
    Especially with the dvd. Thank you!!


    Pixie Noni Lawrence
    I just watched you on Psychic T.V.

    You’re still gorgeous

    The years melted away we could have been in dear Gail’s lounge room or at your place over the road

    you’ve done so well congratulations
    Pixie-Lawrence- Freinds Forever
    Pixie Lawrence – Friends Forever


    Still helping people I’m very proud to know you ? xxx ·Just a quick message to anyone considering buying your cards Amanda, I got my set last week and have already done 5 very positive readings for some friends with them, great cards and I love the feel of them they are quickly becoming my favorite deck. They have a wonderful friendly feel to them, thank you again


    Christine Petanic

    Yes, they were my first deck i bought them a long time ago with your dvd, still in mint condition. Because i don’t let anyone else except my son to touch them I’m like that with all my tarot and oracle cards because to me they are priceless, i mainly use your cards though because they give me instant answers, they are fantastic? xoxo 2nd December 2016 Chrisi Petanic The best Astrolger ! ❤??Amanda Hall Psychic Thanks so much Chrisi Petanic xxx Chrisi Petanic You’re very welcome Amanda and i should also add that you are the best psychic and tarot reader as well xxxx

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