Simply Tarot -Limited Edition

Simply-Tarot-Limited-Edition-Set – teach your self Tarot now with this step-by-step guide to reading Tarot with book & Tarot cards




Simply Tarot limited Edition

Simply Tarot Story

Simply Tarot was a life’s work of many years of reading and teaching over the years.

Always with the dream of one day maybe we could put the lessons on Video.

So then people would be able to learn quickly in the privacy of their own home.


Hinkler Books


Dreams do come true and I was approached by a Australian Publisher looking to do a Tarot project.

So we started the journey of the tarot.

I wanted to use the Rider- Waite Tarot Deck for the project

but alas this was going to limit our market.

Then the idea to design our own was born.

We commenced with a modern deck for the 21st century No one felt the tarot message was coming through

4 of Cups tarot card



So then light bulb moment take our photographic concept of the modern Tarot deck

And recreate the Rider-Waite tarot deck now the Simply Tarot is born.



Simply Tarot Limited Edition with Book – Cards

Simply Tarot Set with DVD
  • During my time teaching students over the years
  • It was always hard fro them to remember the meaning of the cards from their work book.
  • So I suggested we print the meaning on the bottom of the card.
  • This made teaching so easy for me and the students love it.
  • Reading the Tarot became easy and they were confident with ability quickly.

Simply-Tarot-Limited-Edition – teach your self Tarot now with this step-by-step guide to reading Tarot with book & Tarot cards


Can I teach my self Tarot

Tarot Reading


Yes we can also teach our selves Tarot

Yes it is very easy with our step-by-step-guide to learning Tarot with my tried and tested method



Simply Tarot or Secrets 0f Tarot

Simply Tarot + Workshop

7 reviews for Simply Tarot – Limited Edition


    I have enjoyed your tarots cards for years . My cards are 10 years old and cannot find them anywhere. Would love to purchase simply Tarot again please. My readings are my passion.Thank you so much i have been searching for your cards for a long time .regards Tania
    Tania -22nd January 2011


    Hulya Mehmet 2nd march 2011 – London
    Hi Amanda, Just want to say l purchased your tarot pack with book for myself and a friend,its brilliant love the cards! x


    unny Burgess
    Face Book friend 28.4.2011
    yes – was attracted to this tarot deck a few years ago and made a snap purchase. What a great idea to have the meanings written on the cards! Anything to make it simpler. The imagery is quite striking too.!!


    Mel wrote: “I love these cards! My favorite set!

    They gave me a whole new perspective on the Rider-Waite deck!!”

    2nd July 2011 Mel – FaceBook
    14th November 2011


    One our facebook family Hulya Mehmet

    I love these Tarot cards,so easy follow! ·


    Erin Ibanez‎ June 6, 2013 Hey Amanda! I never have spoken to you before but just wanted to say that about 5 years ago I bought your lovely tarot deck (Simply Tarot) They have been absolutely AMAZING cards for me for so many years ?For the last 4 years I’ve just done readings for myself every now and again.In the last 12 months I have awakened and becoming more in tune. So I have started to use them for readings for other people now. Just wanted to say thank you for creating such a lovely spread. They are so easy to use and I cannot possibly see myself using any other spread for my readings. Thank you ? x


    Lisanna Maria November 20, 2014 ·
    Hi guys. I want to introduce a friend of mine Amanda Hall. Who is well known psychic.Astrologer in her own country Australia. Own’s her own company Golden Tree Productions. Has her own cards that Amanda developed herself. I have been using simply tarot cards for a long as i can remember.I have found these cards to be different and i was drawn to them .And i love Amanda’s unique design,has suited me as i am unique myself. If anyone would like to check Amanda Hall simply tarot You will find Amanda has a range of other products she sells. So say welcome to the lovely Amanda Hall everybody. Xxx

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