Ebay - Shop - Jack Egerton - Tugun 7878

Ebay – Shop – Jack Egerton – Tugun 7878

Welcome  to my Ebay Shop Tugun 7878
Cars & Coins – Matchbox – Hot Wheels- Majorette – Corgi and many more.
Plus Mint & used coins from around the world.


My passion is to bring some of your childhood magic back into your life with Die Cast Cars- Planes- Buses-Trucks.

I have sources used and new product from around the world.

We all have special memories that mean the world to us.

So now we might have the opportunity to bring some of that magic back into our lives each day with that special toy from the past or make new memories with new special toys from today.


Most of us love money so why not make a collection of your favorite coins.

So why not start a new hobby today of collecting money.

Collecting money and searching for new and rare coins is called Noodling.

So start today this can be a family heirloom we pass down the future generations.

This maybe the start of your financial empire for future generation while have so much fun.

Learning more about how and where money comes from and why we tend to record history through coins and money for future generations to learn and enjoy.

Noodling can be an exciting journey of discovery of what you may find next.

This is a life long skill we can teach the younger generation.

They learn to value and respect what money can do for them.

How exciting this is for all us.


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