Sun in Pisces+ Workshop


Sun in Pisces+ Workshop

Sun-in-Pisces-workshop – 12th sign of the Zodiac the fish – The time for release and renew your life as we try and make the world a better place.



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Sun In Pisces


Sun in Pisces  happens once a year as early as the 16th of the month and as late as the 26th. So why does this happen. Then Sun enters on different dates each year for each sign depending on the earth’s wobble. That is why some people describe I am born on the “Cusp” This is not exactly true. They are born within the range I have given you as a guide line for when the Sun can enters the Zodiac or Sun Sign for this year. The word Cusp is the correct word for the line that divides the Zodiac/Astrology Sign energies into the 12 houses.



Pisces the Fish  is a mutable sign with a calm and pretty version of how the world is.

Always ready to explore the possibilities intuitive way of fixing their own world and yours.

First of all they want to be known for their great compassion and creative ability

For that reason they can be seen to be very vague or not listening as they in the creative phase of life and problem solving.

Finally Pisces can be seeing the world through rose coloured glasses and not reality.

But above all they need to have people who  can relate to their loving and creative way of problem solving.


Pisces needs creative people in their lives


First of all they need to be able to be themselves.

But they need be able to get their options and ideas in a creative way.

First of all they are not always logical in they way the approach the world and its complexities

So when you understand this it is important to them to find the least passive way to solve a problem. 

But they are always looking for the good in a persona or situation.

First of all they need to feel as if they are loved and have ability to create their life in their way not yours.

Above all they seem o be off with the fairies and not reality and may they are. This is the Peter Pan Syndrome. 

Certainly it can be a magical time in your life when you are with a Pisces and their child like way of problem solving and seeing the world in their magical way. Of love conquers all.


Sun-in-Pisces-workshop – 12th sign of the Zodiac the fish – The time for release and renew your life as we try and make the world a better place.


Mercury Retrograde until  6th March  – 4th April 2019

mercury retrograde mar 2019

Well its that time of the year again as we head into our first Mercury Retrograde.

The fun time with communication for the next few weeks 

Time to be aware of how we communicate with everyone around us.

I like to describe this time as make sure your have your listening ears on.

As we tend to not be listening properly and communication can be misunderstood and cause conflict in our lives.

This is the time if you need to have a serious conversation and it can not be delayed.

Then make sure you are very clear in your delivery and they fully understand what you are saying and sharing with them.

So keep stopping and checking in with them that they fully understood your communication.

By doing this we can minimize misunderstandings and confusing issues because they were not fully listening.

A time not sign contracts, attend important meeting unless you cant reschedule.

The time when computer and electrical devices can go hay wire or breakdown.

Not the time to send important parcel and letters this includes all forms of modern communication.



Chrion Conjunct Moon In Aries



Chiron is the wounded healer so when he moves into another energy we all need to sit up and take notice. 

How and why will this affect me over next 9 years until 2027.

Wow I hear you say this a long time for us to work on ourselves.

Well are all a work in progress as we move this lifetime or incarnation.

Chiron in Aries is asking us to take everything back to the I, me myself and how does this affect me before I can begin to look at how it may affect you and us.

This may seem selfish but it is not meant to be that at all.


Chiron Is about Healing


About being focused on the job at hand and that is healing us first and foremost and then we can progress onto the bigger picture of healing other people because we are now in a better place and have healed most of our old wounds.

This will seem very confronting at at time, as it challenges the way we view the world and what used to work in the past.

That now seems to be obsolete and needs a different approach to make ups fresh and new. It will come in waves of activity.

Healing is good for us 

So the pressure will not seem so intense all the time. then we will have some fun elements with our new found freedom from pain and suffering and move into a playful and childlike direction.

Finally as we move through life with this new fresh approach and this will create new directions and opportunities for us to explore.

Some people will look at their methods of healing through new eyes. Searching and researching the new modern ways of managing our health and well being.

For some it will be time of really delving deep into our emotions and releasing them from the soul through various methods of healing like Past Life Regressions and Hypnosis.

Do what works for you and have an open mind to new ideas. A powerful transformation is now underway.



Pisces  is the 12th Sign of the Zodiac + The Fish + Water Sign + Mutable + Passive


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Sun-in-Pisces-workshop – 12th sign of the Zodiac the fish – The time for release and renew your life as we try and make the world a better place.


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