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Free Tarot Reading


Free-Tarot-Reading-with Secrets of Tarot Cards widget by Amanda Hall -always free. Secrets of  Tarot widget was designed by Arron Bradley – Ask the cards


Secrets of Tarot box & candles


Celtic Cross spread using

Secrets Tarot Deck

by Amanda Hall

To perform your very own FREE Secrets Tarot Reading! 

Hover the mouse of the the blue card.

Then stop when you feel comfortable.

Read the message on card. Repeat this process for all 10 cards.

You can click on each card one at a time for the card to become larger and easier to read the message for you in the position of spread and gain more insight. It is always a good idea to take notes about the reading including question asked, the cards that came out and in their position, how you felt emotionally at the time of the reading and was there any extra information that came into your mind during the reading as your psychic ability was being activated and messages were being shared with you  from your spirit guides. You can perform a reading from any devise when you need some guidance and wisdom from the ancient art of  the Tarot Cards

Free Tarot Reading

Secrets of Tarot
Secrets of Tarot reading


Amanda Hall Psychic now offers FREE Secrets of  Tarot Reading with her Secrets of Tarot widget.

Read your own tarot cards anytime any place and its FREE enjoy your Secrets of Tarot Reading.

Many times we need instant answers to our question so our Secrets of Tarot widget is like having your very own psychic available when you need instant answers in your life for you and your friends.


Amanda Hall 

You can always book a personal reading with Amanda Hall Psychic for a more in depth

reading with a professional Psychic Astrologer

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Secrets of Tarot Widget designed by Aaron Bradley.


Aaron Bradley You are welcome, it was a pleasure working with your fantastic tarot deck!


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s & spreads. Includes an online journal for keeping notes!

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